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MBTP Delivery & Capability

MB Test Partners provide Delivery Excellence across 3 key Capability Pillars:

  • Test Management & Governance

  • Test Automation & AI

  • Testing Tools & Reporting



Test Management & Governance

MB Test Partners have developed a pragmatic, easy to testing strategy for SAP and Workday.

This enables a quicker uptake and wider acceptance of the testing process, a better implementation and quality outcome for all testing phases.


Test Automation &

Test Automation is a valuable way to improve quality, increase speed and decrease costs.

MB Test Partners have a team of automation experts who design and write SAP and Workday frameworks, while utilising AI to increase the speed and coverage of deployment.


Testing Tools &

MB Test Partners have a dedicated team of test tool and reporting professionals. They are trained in various tools including

•     Tricentis qTest

•     JIRA administrators managing        Zephyr or X-Ray

•     HPQC / ALM

Test Managemnt & Governance

Test Management & Governance

MB Test Partners have developed an inhouse Test Governance framework to allow all stakeholders of your organisation to access, evaluate, and act on key testing and program metrics. 


Our Test Governance framework allows: 


  • key stakeholders to have instant visibility into program and testing health 

  • processes to keep internal teams and external IT vendors accountable 

  • an independent view across all program test efforts 

  • all stakeholders to gain access and understand the truth 

​ ​ 

Testing is often the first phase where business users see the IT product for the first time. It is vital that professional, real time test governance information is provided at a level that ALL stakeholders understand. 

MB Test Partners have a proven process for creating test strategies and associated test approaches, customised for each client program. We take our core test framework (people, processes and tools) and adjust planned test activities according to each and every client program, taking into consideration, program timelines, required test activities, test resource approach and budgetary requirements.  


MB Test Partners can quickly produce a highly detailed test strategy and the underlying test approach allowing all program stakeholders time to easily understand and advise any additional updates. We have extensive experience and specialise in large enterprise wide, complex ERP programs using SAP and Workday. 

Automation & AI

Automation and AI

MBTP use a robust and repeatable Model-Based Test automation approach.


Model based test automation is a codeless and resilient unique approach that separates the automation model from the underlying application. This way, changes to the application source code can be done without impacting the test automation.


 It allows Continuous Testing, which leads to increased quality and reduced cost.

Test Tools & Reporting

Test Tools and Reporting are often forgotten about until it's too late.

Inadequate planning and funding leaves programs having to use what ever is available.

This makes it difficult for users during UAT to not only test but learn and use a testing tool that isn't intuitive.

MB Test Partners have a dedicated team who specialise in test tool selection, setup and management.

This then allows our in house built reporting solution to provide dynamic and bespoke reporting to all stakeholders.

Automaton & AI
Test Tools & Reporting

Get In Touch

If you need more information about our services or have any questions, please feel free to contact us. You can reach us by phone, email, or through our social media channels.

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